In-line filters, pump front isolators, single cone shears

Unit: SET



1.The last filtration device in the filter grease production process consists of an inner cylinder and an outer cylinder. The inner cylinder is wound with a layer of 60-120 mesh metal mesh, so that the grease enters the homogenizer through this mesh, and the outlet of the homogenizer is connected to the vacuum degassing tank. If there is no homogenizer, the grease passes through this filter and enters the vacuum degassing tank directly or directly canned

2.The main function of the inlet connection between the pump front isolator and this round pump is to intercept large impurities and foreign matter that may damage this round pump.

3.Multi-cone shear under a certain temperature and a certain pressure, through shearing, the product and coarse soap particles can be fully dispersed, which can effectively improve the appearance of the product.